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Tiyanpie connects influencers with unforgettable destinations. Sponsors can support influencers’ visits, fostering genuine connections with businesses. As influencers share their experiences, your business gains visibility and inspires more travelers to explore your exceptional services. Join us for a win-win partnership!

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Why you should advertise on TiyanPie

TiyanPie connects influencers with sponsors. In some cases, influencers may require support to fully engage with your establishment, and this is where sponsors play a significant role. Sponsors, who are equally passionate about enriching the travel experiences of influencers, have the option to support influencers’ visits by covering certain expenses.







Frequently asked questions

How can TiyanPie help grow my business?

TiyanPie connects influencers with unforgettable destinations, allowing your business to gain visibility through authentic experiences shared by influencers. When influencers visit and share their experiences, it inspires more travelers to explore your services, enhancing your brand’s reach and appeal.

What is the role of sponsors in TiyanPie?

Sponsors play a crucial role in supporting influencers' visits to your establishment. They may cover certain expenses, allowing influencers to fully engage with your services. This partnership not only supports influencers but also enriches their travel experiences, leading to more genuine and impactful content for your business.

How do influencers benefit from TiyanPie?

Answer: Influencers benefit from TiyanPie by gaining access to exclusive destinations and experiences. They receive support from sponsors, which can cover travel and accommodation expenses. This allows influencers to focus on creating high-quality content, which in turn helps promote your business to their followers.

What types of businesses can join TiyanPie?

TiyanPie welcomes a variety of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, travel services, and unique local experiences. Any business that offers exceptional services and wants to connect with a broader audience through influencer marketing can join and benefit from the platform.

What does TiyanPie do to promote my business?

TiyanPie advertises your business through multiple channels, including the TiyanPie app, our internal channels like WeChat groups, and other internal marketing platforms. This multi-channel approach ensures that your business gains maximum exposure and reaches a diverse audience, helping to attract more customers and grow your business.